Quality Made

Whenever you pick up any piece of AidenOttis gear or apparel, you hold a piece of craftsmanship in your hands. Anything we put our name on is created with the highest level of quality materials we can find. Instead of cheaply made products sold at an inflated markup, AidenOttis uses high-quality materials, so you get what you pay for, instead of inferior quality. 

Value Driven

The kinds of people who wear AidenOttis are value driven individuals. Your values steer the direction of our company and our products. We believe deeply in being faithful to you, the quality of our craft, and protecting the environment. 

Experience Focused

If what we make doesn't work for you when you need it most we've failed. Our goal from the beginning is to create products you can wear to the neighborhood gathering and out on the trail. We want everything we make to be as useful as it is comfortable. 

 Product Advantages

Advantages of buying our product include: eg after 15 washes color stays saturated and does not fade as cotton does. Our materials holds superior color vibrancy, when compared to polyester. 15 UPF , quick drying 30% faster than cotton. Wicking/Moisture management. 

Product Features

Velcro or Zip closure at back pocket

We've engineered our pockets to stay closed and secure, but never feel uncomfortable. We hate buttons and snaps on back pockets because they are unnecessary and lazy design. When you sit your pants should never be uncomfortable.

Dive bag

Each pair of our pants or shorts come with a waterproof bag because in the digital age you always have an important device with you on your adventures, and chances are that device isn't waterproof. The bag comes with an extension clip to either hook it to a belt loop or store securely in a cargo pocket. With a triple locking closure system you can feel secure wading through that river or hiking in a thunderstorm, and with bright yellow accents your device will be easy to find in case you drop it in some murky water. 

Microfiber Pocket

In our desire to provide apparel to meet your every need on the trail or backcountry we designed our PATENTED, built-in microfiber lined pockets in every pair of pants and shorts to keep your phone safe and scratch free. This pocket is also great at cleaning glasses and sunglasses after a an unexpected storm hits on your adventure.

Reflective Logo

Why just have a logo on clothes when it can have a purpose too? Our logo is made to be reflective on all our pants and shorts to provide one more point of security when biking or running at night.

Rubber tip zipper and hook snap front closure System

Snaps are insecure and buttons are a pain and pop off. That's why we designed a closure system that is secure and easy to use. Taking inspiration from woodworking we crafted a hook-snap closure for pants to make sure it never comes undone until you want it to. All the zippers on our apparel are rubber tipped and the zipper closure is designed to be more secure than traditional zippers.

Double pockets

You can never have too many pockets, especially when those pockets are designed to never disrupt your stride or be uncomfortable, so why not include extra ones just in case you need them. It's little features like this that make our apparel 2-steps above anyone else.