In Defense of the Form and Function of the Cargo Short

How cargo shorts are meant to fit

Many of us have seen the ridiculous article on Buzzfeed bashing cargo shorts (here's a link in case you haven't). I noticed however, all their photos of cargo shorts are of the cheap Walmart shorts that were never meant or designed to fit very well. They don't have any pictures like this, because that would defeat the purpose of the article. It's hard to say cargo shorts look dumb and fit poorly when you use photos of a pair of cargo shorts that are neither of those things. 

The Enabler and Technician cargo shorts are meant to combine form and function. Cargo pockets are useful, that's why AidenOttis put a microfiber pocket in them. They're also supposed to be comfortable, and that's why both pairs of shorts are designed to fit securely and not have unnecessary material flapping around anywhere. 

If you want to bash on a certain style or clothing type, you should at least look at the best there is to offer and see if your opinion is still a valid one.