A Day in the Field: Nature in the City

Even living in Miami, a rustling and bustling city, one can find themselves lost in nature. On this particular day my brother came down to visit and we decided to go to a 5+ acre public reserve hidden in the less urban part of Miami

Beauty was all over, quickly however, we found ourselves exploring new heights; climbing trees for new vantage points and identifying plenty of plants and animals. We were mostly surrounded by Sycamores and Gumbo Limbos but we were graced by several Warblers, a Tropical Mockingbird and a rather large hive of bees making their home in a Red Bay tree.

AidenOttis coming along for the ride was definitely a good idea. I found myself cleaning my glasses several times with the microfiber lined pocket and those gear loops were perfect for clipping my first aid kit (can we also point out that the back pocket was the perfect size to fit it? Spacious pockets are great!).

Though the Riptide pants don’t breath too well, they really make up for it with the zipper conversion from pants to shorts. In this case however, I was thankful for the denser material. When you are in constant contact with rough bark and the occasional thorny Crataegus Crus-Galli, you prefer a material that will protect you and not tear.

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