Business Is Best Mixed With Pleasure

Recently I had a business meeting up in Washington D.C.. During that week I stayed with a friend of mine who lives in Maryland. Now prior to this trip I had been to the U.S. capitol only once so I thought the best part of this trip was going to be walking the National Mall and checking out the museums...boy was I wrong.

Though D.C. was amazing, and full of wondrous images and moments, the real place I was thankful to see was a forest in Maryland.

My friend and I were headed to an old abandoned mill when I realized that instead of driving a long and looping road, we could walk through the forest and reach the mill by following a major river. This was definitely the right choice.

Because it was the turn of the season the weather was crisp and the leaves were changing colour. It was very refreshing considering down in Miami we don't have a winter and everything is an evergreen.

There were many small rivers that we had to cross. Unfortunately I have to admit I fell in one, on the bright side I learned that the material used for the Null Ridge pants dries really fast (unlike my shoes which were soggy for practically the rest of the day).

After about two hours we started to see remains of an old rail line. this is how we knew we were close to the mill. Turns out the Savage Mill used to be a cotton mill and was the main distributor for all local plantations. Now though the rails are not used and they have rusted away, forgotten.

Clearly we were not the first to arrive here and I really hope we are not the last. They made a mall out of the working quarters next to it so if you find yourself in the area it's called the Historic Savage Mill

Point is: I had a blast exploring the surrounding areas and my meeting went pretty well too. The Null Ridge pants may be my favourite item from AidenOttis so far.They breath really well, they have ample pocket space, the zippered pockets are a must have in my opinion and even though the cloth is sturdy and tear resistant, it's thin enough to dry off really quickly. Expect more testing of these pants specifically in the future.

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